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Levi0nL1ne's News

Posted by Levi0nL1ne - November 3rd, 2021


Here's a tiny sneak peek of my first attempt at something more macabre. I think its turned out pretty good so far! ;)

Edit: It's Done! >:)



Posted by Levi0nL1ne - November 3rd, 2021

The Heroes vs. Hollows Art Thread has hit 1,000 views! Can't say thank you enough to those who decided to give my stuff a look-see. :)



Posted by Levi0nL1ne - November 2nd, 2021

I know I forgot to mention when I came back after BMT, but my little project is getting a "rebranding"...

First off, "Heroes vs. Hollows" is now "Hollow Hunters". idk why, the idea just came to me while in basic. It kinda has a nice ring to it. Secondly, I'm remaking the website (which is the main topic of this post). The theme will remain the same, however certain aspects are getting an overhaul.

Planned Changes

  • The Galleries are getting a new look, so they're not just some simple collages.


New format preview

  • Places of Interest is no more. You'll get to see em' in the comics.
  • Blog Posts!
  • No Character Bios. These will be replaced by reference sheets. Information on the cast will be revealed through the comics.
  • Additionally, I won't be revealing all characters at once. The reference sheets will be shown off as the characters appear in the comics.

The original site is still online, and will remain so until the new website is up.

Thank you for taking the time to read this post, and have a good day!

_Levi B._ :)



Posted by Levi0nL1ne - October 23rd, 2021

2 long months of PT, motivation, and screaming my lungs out have finally passed. I have graduated basic training, and am now at my tech school. After looking around Newgrounds on my way there, I found a few small things I would like to announce...

First off, 51 Freaking Amazingly Nice Strangers (F.A.N.S.)!? Holy crap, where'd you all come from? Last I checked there were only 36 of you. Okay, jokes aside I am very thankful that you find artwork somewhat good.

Secondly, the Halloween Art Collab, organized by @0DearKruno, turned out awesome this year. I was very excited to see that so many other people joined in!

And finally, my quote on quote "schedule". Since I'll have a tiny bit more free time, I might be able to squeeze a few doodles here and there. When it comes to art, however, I will primarily be focusing of my home project. You know the one... Heroes vs. Hollows.

Speaking of which, I gotta back get to work on that. Gonna make some big changes. More details on that later...

Thank you for taking the time to read this post, and have a good night!

_Levi B._ :)



Posted by Levi0nL1ne - October 22nd, 2021


More details later tonight... :)


Posted by Levi0nL1ne - August 30th, 2021

The time has come...

I am mere hours away from being sent out to basic training. It seems only yesterday when I made my Newgrounds account, but time does fly when you're having fun.

tbh, if I didn't make an account, I probably would have wasted my summer worrying my ass off over this whole "life changing experience". Instead, I found some really cool peeps, made some neat shit, and laughed away the whole time!

I'd like to thank the Newgrounds community for making my summer more bearable, and my 36 F.A.N.S. for taking interest in my subpar artwork. You all are fukin awesome!

Once I hit basic, I will not be active on Newgrounds. This will persist for a good while. But, no matter how long I'm gone, I can promise you this...


Thank you for taking the time to read this post, and have a good night!

_Levi B._


Posted by Levi0nL1ne - August 14th, 2021

I'm nearly 15 days away from basic training, so I wanted to give you guys a few updates...

The Heroes vs. Hollows Website / Art Thread

The Heroes vs. Hollows Website is still being worked on, progress has just been slow due to work and preparing for BMT. However, my official last day of work is tomorrow, and preparations for basic are almost complete (aside from some packing). So, I should have a bit more time to add more characters, along with new (and old) artwork. Speaking of which, the Heroes vs. Hollows Art Thread has reached over 500 views! I honestly didn't expect it to get much attention, so I just wanted to thank everybody for checking my stuff out.

Ask Me Anything!

A few days ago, I made an AMA Thread, so people could ask me a bunch of shit before I leave. So far, it came out with some very interesting consequences...


So, if you have any questions, whether they're about me or some other random crap, send em my way and I'll try my best to answer them.

Clocks of BBS 2021

A bunch of talented artists, and myself, have cooked up a little something-something for this years BBS Clock Collab, which was hosted by @Little-Rena. You should totally check it out once its released, it turned out great!

and finally, my most important update of all...


From my fellow night owls of the BBS community, to all my Freaking Amazingly Nice Strangers (F.A.N.S.), I want to thank all of you for making Newgrounds a helluva place to be! It seems only yesterday when I posted my first piece of work here on Newgrounds. I guess time truly does fly by when you're having fun!

As a reminder, once August 30th hits, I will no longer be active on Newgrounds for a good while. I'll come back though, I can promise you that! >:)

Thank you for taking the time to read this update, and have a good night!

_Levi B._



Posted by Levi0nL1ne - June 28th, 2021

As I have mentioned in my last news post, I got sworn into the Airforce. Today I got an official date of departure; August 27th. Until that day comes I will be drawing, alot, and adding more bios to the Heroes vs. Hollows Website. When August 27th hits, however, my newgrounds account might be silent (not dead) for a unforeseen amount of time. So, lets have some fun while we still can! >:)

Thanks for taking the time to read this update, and have a good night!

_Levi B._


Posted by Levi0nL1ne - June 15th, 2021

My Future and the Future of HVH

I know I have mentioned this on my website, but I will mention it here too: The Heroes vs. Hollows comic series will not be coming out anytime soon, and I believe now is the best time to explain why...

It has been a dream of mine for quite some time to take my crazy ideas and oddball characters and show them off to people like you. However, this is not nor will it ever be, my biggest dream. When I was a little kid, all I ever wanted to do was to travel the world, and experience its majesty. Which is why, on this glorious day, I got sworn into the U.S. Air Force! Soon, I will be seeing the world first hand, and saving many lives along the way!

Now, just because I'm going to be out serving my country, doesn't mean I'm leaving this project behind. I will simply be setting it to the side, to focus on more important matters. My leave date for basic training is unknown at this time, but I will inform you all once I'm notified. When that day comes, this account will be silent for a while. Not dead. Just silent. Until then, however, I will show off as many OCs, art work, and setting concepts as I can.

Thank you for taking the time to read this, and have a good night! :)

_Levi B._



Posted by Levi0nL1ne - May 24th, 2021

Heroes vs. Hollows Website

I apologize for the delay. I decided that instead of making a bunch of blog posts here explaining my home project, and each of my OCs, I would make a website with everything on it. That's right, The official Heroes vs. Hollows website is now open! Don't get too excited yet though, its still a bit rough and unfinished. Nonetheless, Its currently got information on my two main OCs, Mason & Vortox, plus an art gallery, and even a discontinued comic!

There's still a lot of things I need to patch up. Here are just a few plans I have in store:

  1. More OCs
  2. More info about the series as a whole
  3. An Interactive map of Thompsonville, the main setting of the series
  4. Mobile Compatibility
  5. Webcomics!!!

If you have any random questions or remarks just let me know in the comments. Thank you for taking the time to read this, and have a good night!

NOTE: Just because I made a website, does not mean this account will die. All Heroes vs. Hollows related artwork can be found on both sites! :)

_Levi B._