Just another amateur artist with a bad case of Procrastinitus, hoping to make a web series.
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Levi0nL1ne's News

Posted by Levi0nL1ne - 3 weeks ago

iu_965777_9161595.gifI made this neat lil' thing using EZGIF

I'm thinking about using it as a background for the website. Do you guys think that's a good idea or nah?



Posted by Levi0nL1ne - 1 month ago

Thompsonville Tribune | Issue 4 | March - April 2023

iu_961513_9161595.webpWell, this has been an interesting 2 months. I didn't have any wifi for a couple of weeks, so I couldn't work on too much online stuff. The fact that I'm a terrible procrastinator doesn't help much either, but I digress. I buckled down and got a few things ever closer to completion. I even took last week off work just to get some more work done!

Hollow Hunters Website | Mar. - Apr. 2023 Update

Not many changes this month. Just a few visual changes and more graphics were added. All the site's pages are pretty much done though. I just need to set up the SEO setting, and of course, make even more graphics!


Comics Page

Is The Hunter's Handbook finally coming?!

YES! I finally started to finish this thing up. I ended up re-writing the prologue, making things a bit more interesting (see previous post). There's still plenty more to go, but I plan to prioritize work on The Handbook as much as possible. Hopefully, the 1st chapter should be done by the end of May.


pg. 2

Hollow Grounds: An Unannounced Hiatus

Of what little I managed to do in the month of March, the majority of it involved Hollow Grounds. I completed 4 different requests that month. For a little bit, I was prioritizing Hollow Grounds over everything else. Because of that, I decided to not work on Hollow Grounds throughout the month of April. The only problem is that I never told anybody about my hiatus. Sorry about that. Don't worry though, I do plan on going back this month to finish up some more requests.

Bonus News: A FANMADE COMIC!!! :D

My buddy @AbelSanchez made a Hollow Hunters fan comic and I absolutely love it!

You should check it out and all his other work too! He's a fantastic artist and definitely deserves a follow.

Goals for May 2023

  • Complete Ch. 1 of The Hunter's Handbook
  • Finish website (graphics and SEO settings)
  • Complete Hollow Grounds requests
  • World-Building

That's all I got for now. If you have any questions, then ask away! Thank you all for your patience, and have a good day!

_Levi Brotherton_


Posted by Levi0nL1ne - 1 month ago




Posted by Levi0nL1ne - 1 month ago


Posted by Levi0nL1ne - April 9th, 2023

I got CSP working again! Time to get back to work cuz I got a lot of shit to do! >:)

In the meantime, have some concept art for another goofy project I started workin on...




Posted by Levi0nL1ne - April 4th, 2023

March was rather unproductive, mainly due to technical issues (read last news post), so making an new issue right now would be pointless. I'll try to get everything fixed this week, so i can get some shit done.

Next issue will be released around May 1st


Posted by Levi0nL1ne - March 22nd, 2023

My Mobile Hot Spot stopped working, so my laptop doesn't have any wifi. And worse yet, CSP is crappin' out too! It's got me stuck on a trial version, even though I have a license, and every time I try to save a drawing this happens:



Posted by Levi0nL1ne - March 2nd, 2023

Thompsonville Tribune | Issue 3 | February 2023


               Welcome back to a semi-late of the Thompsonville Tribune. February was rather interesting, to say the least. I did not have internet most of the time (and still don’t) so I’ve been stuck using my mobile hotspot. More of a minor inconvenience if anything. Nonetheless, I still made good progress and achieved almost all my goals for the month. I also made a new logo!

Hollow Hunters Website | Feb 2023 OVERHAUL!?

               A couple of weeks back, I unpublished the website maintenance. That same day, I decided to try using Editor X, which is basically Wix’s more advanced software. It was so laggy and I couldn’t transfer the site back to Wix! So, I just said screw it and started from scratch.


Comics page (unfinished)

               I’m not gonna go through every small change, so I’ll just highlight the more important stuff:

·        An Art Gallery with 3 different sections (Portfolio, Doodle Dump, and Fan Art)

·        Comics page is more organized

·        An About page with a summary of the series plot.

·        Overall, a much cleaner look. The mobile format should be usable this time.

The site still hasn’t been published yet, nor will it be for a hot minute. There’s still a lot of stuff I wanna try and iron out.

Hollow Grounds is Back!!!

               Last month, I put Hollow Grounds on hold since I felt that I had too many ongoing projects. Long story short, that didn’t last very long…


               Originally, I was just going to pick NG characters myself, but I instead opted to make a request thread. Speaking of which, if you’d like to make a request, send it my way! Just make sure to read the rules first.


ENA, requested by @Thetageist

Forest Walk is almost out of the Concept Phase

               I’ve got a basic synopsis for “Forest Walk”, along with the names of its characters (Lucy, Sarah, Mark, Billy, and Elliot). All I gotta do now is make designs for said characters, then it’s off to writing the story.

No Handbook yet?

               Sadly, I didn’t get to making the pages for The Hunter’s Handbook in February. That will be my main priority for this month. These first pages of the Handbook will be an overview of the Hollow specie as a whole.

Goals for March 2023

·        Make pages for “The Hunter’s Handbook” (for real this time)

·        Make character designs for “Forest Walk”

·        Add graphics and finish pages for the Website

·        More world-building, as usual

That's all for February! If you've got any questions, then lemme know, and I'll try to answer them as soon as possible. Thank you for taking the time to read this, and have a good day!

_Levi Brotherton_



Posted by Levi0nL1ne - February 20th, 2023

The Hollow Hunters website is being shut down for further maintenance. It will be back online once everything runs smoothly.


Posted by Levi0nL1ne - February 1st, 2023

Thompsonville Tribune | Issue 2 | January 2023


The Thompsonville Tribune has returned, this time boasting a more organized format. This month was slow going at first, with a couple of bigger projects coming in at the last second.

Recent Works


Doodle Dump Banner

Hollow Hunters Website | Jan2023 Update

  • SEO settings updated and the site has been indexed. Now when you look up Hollow Hunters, you should get some more accurate results.
  • NEW PAGE: GALLERY. All Hollow Hunters drawings that aren't comics will be displayed here.
  • NEW PAGE: DOODLE DUMP. A sub-category of the Gallery. Features concept art and other silly sketches.
  • The Comics page has been organized, and room has been made for "The Hunter's Handbook".
  • Minor visual changes, namely boxes around most text to make words more visible.
  • A better summary of the series is shown on Home Page.


The Hunter's Handbook Title Cover

New Projects

The Hunter's Handbook

	A bestiary, recounting some of the most twisted freaks Thompsonville has to offer...

This book will go into detail on every specie of Hollow that Mason and Rogers have encountered. For now, I will only reveal a certain amount of Hollows, then show off the others as they make their way into the comics. Pages will drop on a monthly basis. This month will be an in-depth overview of what a Hollow actually is.

Old Project Updates

  • Forest Walk - In Production

Concept Phase. Not much progress was made last month.

  • Hollow Grounds - BackLog

Work on Hollow Grounds has been paused for a moment, as I feel too many projects are in the works at one time.

This Month's Goals

  • Make the website more "mobile friendly".
  • Add another Gallery. Most likely for my bigger drawings.
  • Get "Forest Walk" out of the Concept Phase.
  • More World-building.
  • Finish pages for "The Hunter's Handbook"

That's all for this month's update. Thank you for taking the time to read this post, and have a good day!

_Levi B._